Webinar access was provided during the Southern (November 8, 2018) and Southeastern (November 27, 2018) trainings.

Stay tuned for additional webinars in the future.


Training videos are currently in production. Come back soon to see trauma-informed videos developed by the Wisconsin Hawthorn Project.


External Videos

The following videos are selected as resources for several reasons:
1) Demonstration of child development
2) Demonstration of the importance of early relationships
3) Additional information about the impact of stress and trauma
4) Additional information about neuroscience
5) Additional information about resilience, recovery, and post-traumatic growth

Videos Included in the Core Curriculum Training:

In this video, we observe attachment in-action. As we see, a newborn already has the capacity for relationship and for co-regulation—even without physical touch!

In “Still Face with Dads” we see the rapid negative impact on a child when their caregiver is suddenly unavailable (consider impacts of grief, cell phone usage, or other normal things that preoccupy caregivers). BUT then we also see the rapid resilience that happens with the disconnect is repaired.